Can an iPod play the radio?

Answer The iPod nano as well as the fifth-generation iPod classic are now enabled to play FM radio. You can also record live radio as well as tag songs to be purchased later.Source:Apple: iPod nano -FM Radio

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How to Use a Ford Radio to Play an iPod?

Ford owners who want to connect an iPod to their car audio system can have a simple task ahead or a more arduous one, depending on their model. Ford vehicles from 2008 to 2010 come with an outlet f... Read More »

Why when your ipod is attached to your iPod radio it turns but when its not hooked up to it it dont turn?

Unfourtunately, you can't, you will have to reenter the data.

How much does bbc radio 1 pay an artist when they play a track how much pounds does 1 song amount to per play?

In 2003 one minute of airplay on Radio One was charged by the Performing Rights Society (PRS) was £18.44 per minute. This then has to be distributed between all parties (record label, publisher e... Read More »

3rd gen ipod nano can you get radio on it?

Yes, you can buy a small add-on that costs about 70$ (from the apple store) however the reception is not so great.