Can an iPod Nano be used with Windows ME?

Answer The iPod Nano cannot be used with Windows ME. According to specifications on Apple's website, the Nano is only compatible with Mac OS X, Windows Vista and XP Service Pack 3 or later.Source:IPod Nan... Read More »

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How to connect ipod nano with windows 2000?

by plugging the white wire with the usb cable to the usb cable slot. Then you plug the other side of the white wire into your ipod then it should say connected on the screen

Can ipod nano 3rd generation work with windows 2000?

Just purchased the Ipod Nano (3rd generation) today, and got home, sat down on my computer operated by Windows 2000, and I am experiencing troubles. I go to, download iTunes 7.5, c... Read More »

How to Put Music on an iPod Nano With Windows Media Player10?

The iPod Nano was introduced as a sleeker and more convenient alternative to the classic model, and still features many of the same technologies and capabilities. Like the classic, you can add song... Read More »

Is iPod Nano compatible with Windows Media Player?

Apple's iPod Nano is not compatible with Windows Media Player. PC users who wish to move music from Windows Media Player to an iPod must first transfer to the music to iTunes.References:iPod Transf... Read More »