Can an iPhone work with a vodaphone SIM card?

Answer The Iphone is better but the new nexus one it better than the Iphone

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Can you get an pay as you go iPhone unblocked to take vodaphone sim card?

Can you buy an iPhone to put your vodaphone sim into?

it may be worth getting 8 gigs cauz 16 gigz fo iphone is way too much. 16 holds lots of apps also by the way their formatted. Everything u may want to download will barely take any space no matter ... Read More »

Why does my friend's Vodaphone SIM not work in an unlocked mobile?

a) is it really unlocked ?b) is the SIM in the correct way (common reason for not being reconised)if the SIM is correctly, it will either work or ask for the subsidy/unlock codehave you tried it in... Read More »

Can I take the SIM card out of my Iphone 3G and put it in a friend's older iPhone not a 3G and expect my basic phone services and mail to work?

Stick a paperclip into the little hole on the top, and the SIM card should pop out.