Can an iPhone 3GS fit into the idog amp'd?

Answer Yes, he is great, below is complete specifications for HTC Touch pro 2

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Can iPhone Sim Cards be swapped into another iPhone If so what is the process after you put the Sim in the other iPhone?

Yes it can be swapped. I actually swapped my razr's sim card to my iphone. Nothing happened. It works perfectly.

How do you operate an iDog?

go to if you have the English version otherwise...iDogYour i-dog didn't come with instructions? I am suprised such a product doesn't offer directions... Read More »

Is the idog an apple product?

No.Its a toy, from Hasbro, with the i- prefix to make it sound like its an Apple product.

My iDog speaker cord?

Yep you can buy a replacement at really any technology stor (best buy or RadioShack) it would be called a male to male cord ( I know that's funny sounding but that's what it's called)