Can an ex boyfriend who is not the father of the baby demand a paternity test?

Answer Yes, he has the option of filing a lawsuit to request the court order a paternity test to determine the exact parentage of the child after the child is born, whether or not the suit is successful d... Read More »

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Can an unmarried mother refuse to allow the biological father to establish paternity knowing he wants to just because she wants her boyfriend to adopt the baby instead?

AnswerHe can get a court order, but until he does, you do not have to. As far as your boyfriend wanting to adopt the baby, the biological father has to sign his parental rights away before adoption... Read More »

Can a father go to court to order a paternity test if the mother refuses to give him one?

Answer Yes, he can have the court order a paternity test. Answer Yes. Just like the fathers who refuse to pay child support based upon not knowing if the baby is his, mothers can be court ordered ... Read More »

What evidence does potential father require to request paternity test?

Simply that you had sex with her. see links below for instructions

Can you do a paternity test on an unborn baby?

DNA paternity tests can be performed before the actual birth of the child. There are two testing methods used to establish parental DNA. Chorionic villus sampling is one method, and amniocentesis i... Read More »