Can an employer take your photograph without your consent?

Answer Unless your employer is working in a privately owned building that specifically restricts the taking of photographs, they have the right to take your picture. They are not legally allowed to post t... Read More »

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Can an employer automatically enroll you in medical benefits without your consent?

Answer You would have to sign the application, so I don't see how.

Can your ex take your children on a cruise out of the country without your consent?

Answer No. They should have a signed and notarized statement from you giving permission for them to leave. Call a Customs office for details. Answer Depends. Though not an expert, I'm rather cer... Read More »

Can DSS talk to your child without your prior knowledge and without your consent?

If they have suspisions that abuse or neglect are present then yes

In Georgia if your 16 your boyfriends 18 and your pregnant can you get married without your parents consent?