Can an employer not allow an employee to work because they have bedbugs?

Answer On One Hand: Bedbugs Don't Spread DiseaseBedbugs feed on the blood of mammals, including humans, but there is no proof that they spread disease from one person to another. They may create an infest... Read More »

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Can an employer force an employee to ride a company bus to work?

There is no area of employment law that allows your employer to force you to use its transportation outside of your working hours. How you get to and from your work is your responsibility. Your emp... Read More »

What is legally required of an employer when an employee is injured at work?

Answer The employer is required to provide the injured person with a "injury report/accident report" one copy for their personnel files, and one for the injured. The employer is also to provide th... Read More »

If you are a salried employee but cannot work more than forty hours due to pregnancy complications should your employer be able to make you drop down to hourly and you lose your salary?

Is an employer required to provide a copy of an employee handbook to an employee?

Employers are not required by law to provide employees with employee handbooks. However, certain regulations require that companies post pertinent information such as minimum wage laws. Companies s... Read More »