Can an employer force you to keep insurance on dependent children if your ex has insurance on them but the insurance won't drop coverage unless there is a court order for the ex to cover them?

Answer Answer Your employer can not legally force you to insure anyone unless the employer is in possession of a court order that requires the employer to keep this coverage in place. Answer In going thru... Read More »

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If you change jobs will the new insurance company cover a dependent's cancer treatments assuming the new employer provides sufficient coverage?

Can your employer force you to keep their insurance coverage if you have found your own insurance?

Answer No. But companies can ususually get better rates and coverage in grop insurance, than can an individual. A Different Opinion I am sorry but I disagree with both points in the answer above a... Read More »

Can an employer force an employee to drop group health insurance coverage because the employee is eligible for coverage through his spouse's plan?

Answer No. The employer cannot force you not to take the coverage. However, if you don't want you may have to sign a waiver.

Can an employer require you to show confirmation of medical coverage before you can drop your existing insurance?

AnswerYes,The way this was explained to me by my companies H.R. Dept. was the fear the company has of being sued. Say you get a nasty divorce, separation or some thing along them lines and out of s... Read More »