Can an employer fire you over the phone?

Answer Yes, an employer can fire you over the phone. After firing you via a phone call the employer must still file all of the correct paperwork for removing you from their employ. Being fired over the ph... Read More »

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Can an Employer Fire You & Not Fire Someone Else if You Did the Same Thing?

An employer makes the decision about whom he wishes to fire and employ at any given time. This means that if an employer fires you, but keeps another employee on staff, he is likely within his righ... Read More »

I have the option of signing my cell phone over to my employer. Good idea bad idea?

Its not like he can see what you type or google search. Just the people you called. It is a good idea, $90 is a lot of money a month.

Can an employer fire you for pregnancy complications?

Can an employer fire you after returning from short term disability?

The Family Medical Leave Act provides 12 weeks of job protected leave, and applies to employers with 50 or more employees. If you are out of work longer than 12 weeks, and/or your employer has less... Read More »