Can an employer change your time card?

Answer Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, you must be compensated for all time worked if you are a nonexempt employee, which means you must be paid per hour for each hour worked. No time can be changed o... Read More »

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Can your employer require business travel on a credit card?

On One Hand: Legal Obligation.There is no law that requires an employee to put expenses due to his employment on his own personal credit card. Legally, if you refuse, your employer has no grounds t... Read More »

How to Convince your Employer to Change your Investment Plans?

If your employer offers you a retirement plan, you have the option of taking money out of your salary and investing it, before taxes, into any of the investment funds your employer offers. Most com... Read More »

If your employer suddenly decided to lockout Y!A what the hell are you going to do to waste company time?

You'll need to get that video cam I sent you hooked up, we can waste all day with that. And if you boss walks in while we're on it together, it might also solve that 'easy way to get fired' proble... Read More »

If your employer has a 'non-owned auto' policy does it protect you while running business errands in your personal car or just protect the employer?

Answer Non-owned auto coverage protects your company in the event your company is sued as a result of an auto accident that you or one of the employees has in a personal vehicle while on company bu... Read More »