Can an eight-month old baby have colic?

Answer Colic will typically resolve by the time the baby is three months old, although sometimes colic can last as long as six months. If a baby still seems colicky at eight months of age, he may have a r... Read More »

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Should an eight month-old baby cry itself to sleep?

On One Hand: Assess the SituationTo determine if it is OK to let the child cry, many factors must be ruled out. These are the very basics. Is he needing a change? Hungry? Could he be sick or not fe... Read More »

Can an eight month old baby drink whole milk?

On One Hand: Milk is too difficult to digest at eight monthsKidsHealth recommends waiting until your baby has reached 12 months of age before introducing whole milk. Before then, the baby's digesti... Read More »

Why does an Eight month old have savere gas at night?

You cant do anything but listen and go to school. But they should care that your sick.Ask you teacher to send you to the school nurrse for evaluation.

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