Can an edible seed grow into a plant when planted in soil?

Answer if you have sunflower seeds that are flavored they will not grow Answer Some will and some won't. Often seeds sold for consumption are doused with flavors, chemicals, or salt which may prevent it... Read More »

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Does the type of soil in which the seed is planted affect seed germination?

How long does it take a malva plant to bloom when planted from seed?

Most plants in the malva family are biennial, meaning they do not bloom until the second year. Some varieties, such as malva zebrina and malva sylvestris, bloom the first year and can be grown as a... Read More »

What is the edible seed of a bean plant called?

The seeds that grow within the pods of bean plants are themselves known as "beans." However, immature seed pods, when eaten as a vegetable, are also referred to as beans. Most bean seeds, when remo... Read More »

How to Plant an Acre of Grass Seed on New Soil?

After new home construction is finished, the homeowner may desire to plant new grass seed instead of buying sod. Paying for the actual sod on top of the labor charges that go along with it can be e... Read More »