Can an attorney representing himself get an award of attorney's fees?

Answer You cannot receive attorney's fees if you represent yourself--not even if you win your case--according to Michigan's Supreme Court. Because you do not charge yourself for services, requesting fees ... Read More »

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What is the highest attorney fee award?

As of October 2009, the highest U.S. attorneys' fee ever awarded in a single class-action suit was $688 million to Coughlin, Stoia, Geller, Rudman & Robbins in their case against Enron Corp. That f... Read More »

How to File Motions While Representing Yourself Pro Se?

Motions are an integral part of the court process. During this process, the individual filing the motion is called the moving party. The type of motion that the moving party files will determine ho... Read More »

Activities for Visually Representing in the Classroom?

Each student has her own way of learning and taking in information. In most classrooms, it is common for the majority of lessons to focus on linguistic learning, or learning through lectures and sp... Read More »

Does the babylonian number system have a way of representing place value?

The Babylonian numbering system, which dates back prior to 2000 B.C., did not originally have a placeholder. Around 1000 B.C. the Babylonians used an empty space to represent zero up until the four... Read More »