Can an asthma attack clear without medication?

Answer On One Hand: Mild Asthma AttacksMost asthma attacks are brought on by allergens. The sufferer should remove himself from any location where he experiences asthma triggers. If the attack is mild, an... Read More »

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How do you clear a stuffy nose - without medication?

This might sound wild but...try blowing it into a tissue!Just may be crazy enough to work!

How to Help an Asthmatic During a Asthma Attack and a Panic Attack?

You and your best friend are jogging the school required 800 meter. Your friend has asthma in the most serious form and often has panic attacks too. As you jog you tell her about what you heard so ... Read More »

Can an attack of dizziness be an asthma attack?

Dizzy AttackHere is advice:No, you can feel very dizzy whilst having an asthma attack obviously due to the restricted oxygen supply tothe brain, however unless there is a severe wheeze, accompanied... Read More »

Feline Asthma Medication?

According to the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), approximately 1 percent of all cats have feline asthma. Asthma in cats is caused by allergens like pollen, dust and tobacco smoke which constricts ... Read More »