Can an antibody affect a cell that has already been infected?

Answer Yes; in fact, this is how antibodies typically work. They bind with an antigen, whether in cells or in intracellular spaces, and inactivate it until the body can eliminate it. It's also possible to... Read More »

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How can i get rid of a swollen pimple that has already been popped?

sorry, it is not going to heal that quickly.

Suing on a Debt That Has Already Been Paid?

Debt collectors tend to increase the amount of lawsuits they file in bad economies, and some use automated software that can accidentally file a lawsuit on a paid debt. However, you must still foll... Read More »

How/Where can I scan photos that have already been developed to save on my USB?

Do you mean you need a software to make slideshow video, if this, please refer to this free video maker:…

Will adding more RAM to my computer erase the RAM that has already been installed?

Random access memory is just temporary memory. Anything in it is wiped out every time you turn off your computer.