Can an antibody affect a cell that has already been infected?

Answer Yes; in fact, this is how antibodies typically work. They bind with an antigen, whether in cells or in intracellular spaces, and inactivate it until the body can eliminate it. It's also possible to... Read More »

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Can the environment affect sickle cell anemia?

On One Hand: Sickle Cell Symptoms are Worsened by EnvironmentSickle cell anemia symptoms include swelling in hands and feet, jaundice, anemia, infection, organ damage and episodes of physical pain ... Read More »

Viral Neurominidase, Besides Inhibiting the Release of Viral Particles From an Infected Cell, does it Also-?

Viral neuraminidase is an enzyme on the surface of influenza viruses that enables the virus to be released from the host cell. Drugs that inhibit neuraminidase are used to treat influenza. Viruses ... Read More »

Does a cell phone conversation affect reaction time?

On One Hand: Cell Phone Conversations Delay Driver ReactionAccording to a report written by researchers at The University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center, talking on a cell phone s... Read More »

How does temperature affect the output voltage of a dry cell battery?

According to Electropaedia, extreme heat or cold can produce a chemical imbalance within the battery that reduces its output voltage and shelf life. Electropaedia warns that even batteries designed... Read More »