Can an annuity have multiple owners?

Answer The number of owners an annuity can have is limited only by the investment company that offers the account. An annuity with more than one owner is called a joint and survivor annuity.Source:Investo... Read More »

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Can an annuity have two owners?

An annuity can have two owners. This type of investment is known as a joint and survivor annuity. Under this type of annuity, any payments or distributions continue as long as one of the two owners... Read More »

Can a DBA have multiple owners?

DBA is the acronym for "doing business as." Any form of business can operate as a DBA, provided it files the proper documentation with the appropriate governmental agency. This includes sole propri... Read More »

What is a multiple premium annuity?

Annuities are investment contracts that allow investors to save toward retirement with tax-deferred growth. Because these are investments offered by insurance companies, the contributions paid into... Read More »

As an annuity holder with aig I have recently asked for a portion of my annuity and am wondering when i may receive it in the mail?

My wife receives a monthly annuity from AIG and usually gets it on the same calendar day every month.