Is there a good substitute for human teeth that can be used for a science project if the school doesn't allow the use of human or animal teeth?

Answer you could get some type of bone or antlers and shave them to the shape you want.

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Difference of human and animal?

How are human& animal cells different?

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Can you weigh an animal on a human scale?

You can weigh an animal on a human scale. Purina recommends an owner weigh herself alone, then weigh herself while holding her animal in her arms. Subtracting the owner's weight from the weight of ... Read More »

Should scientists be mixing human and animal DNA?

Ask yourself this question, taking your line of thought logically to the next step,DO YOU THINK THAT THERE IS ANOTHER REASON WHY THEY ARE TRYING TO GET STEM CELL "RESEARCH" FUNDED BY TAXPAYERS?Or, ... Read More »