Can an alternator be used as a motor?

Answer Not only is it very possible for someone with a little bit of mechanical knowledge to convert an alternator into a motor, it is also very possible for that same person to convert a motor into an al... Read More »

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How to Wire an Alternator Motor?

Alternators replaced generators many years ago as they can produce higher amperes to power the electrical equipment in your car and are generally maintenance-free. Alternators can have between two ... Read More »

How to Check an Inboard Motor Alternator?

A functioning alternator is essential for your boat's battery to stay charged. If it is not working, the battery will eventually drain completely. The alternator can be checked with a device called... Read More »

How to Re-Use Used Motor Oil?

Motor oil, also referred to as engine oil, is a liquid used for lubricating moving parts of an internal combustion motor. However, motor oil has other uses in the engine as well: it cools and clean... Read More »

How to Process Used Motor Oil?

You may not think that used motor oil could be just as useful as when it was new, but once used motor oil is properly recycled, it can be used for fuel oil or even as a raw material. This enables t... Read More »