Can an alleged father gain custody of a child without a DNA test being taken?

Answer Answer No.Before custodial rights, visitation rights or child support issues can be decided upon parentage must be established.Courts prefer that paternity testing be done as DNA, but in the major... Read More »

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If a man signed an affidavit claiming a child as his at birth can the biological father take a DNA test that would take the alleged father's rights away and give the biological father full rights?

Too many questions still unanswered to provide you with an answer. How old is the child? Has the "legal" dad been there full time, from day one, caring and nuturing this child and providing for it'... Read More »

How can a father gain custody of a child?

Despite some minor variations from one state to another, the laws regarding a father's ability to seek custody of a child are largely the same. There is a distinction in the law between establishin... Read More »

If a father had custody of a child for 7 years mother took the child and was awarded custody father is now issued a warrent and back pay is that legal?

Answer Yes.Physical custody does not constitute sole legal custody, in which one parent has been given the legal authority to make all decisions concerning a minor child, including change of resid... Read More »

Who will gain custody if the mother is deemed unstable and the father is an illegal residen and the child has been with relatives for quite some time?

Answer The relatives can get custody if both the mother and father are rejected by the judge as fit parents. I have seen it happen, the best thing to do for your case is to document everything. If ... Read More »