Can an air ambulance land anywhere?

Answer No. There are specific regulations as to where an air ambulance can land, depending on whether or not it's performing an ambulance service or what is known as an HEMS--a helicopter emergency medica... Read More »

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Why are the signs that say ambulance backwards on the front of the ambulance?

So that if you don't hear the sirens or see the flashing lights you will (hopefully) see the word "AMBULANCE" in your rear view mirror, which reverses it so that you will see it "forward".

Does ambulance coverage include air ambulance?

The best way to answer this is, sometimes. It depends on the particular circumstance of the individual. In order to determine if your policy covers air ambulance, or Medi-Vac, you should consult yo... Read More »

EMT Ambulance Training?

Emergency medical technicians or EMTs are often the first at the scene of an accident, ready to provide medical help, transfer a patient via ambulance to a hospital, and provide care during transport.

Outfitting an ambulance?

It doesn't seem to be the brand and pricing so much as the ergonomics. An inefficient design for any tool can cause an enormous amount of frustration. An all-in-one patient monitor can be quite c... Read More »