Can an adult use a children's glycerin suppository?

Answer According to Fleet, a leading suppository manufacturer, using a children's suppository would not be unsafe to use. However, it may not be the most effective choice, especially if it is a pediatric ... Read More »

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Scared to use suppository?

The best way of entering a suppository into your anus is to lie on your left side and bring your right knee up to your chest and keep your left leg straight it makes inserting it in easier, cause t... Read More »

How to Insert a Rectal Suppository?

This is how to insert a suppository into your rectum.

I took som suppository ( laxatives ) and...?

If you used the suppositories for constipation, then there will be a bit of stool still waiting to get out and it will eventually stop.

Is it safe to make a margarine/butter suppository?

Pleasure??? Really??No, butter won’t cause any problems. It doesn’t matter which end it goes into, the body accepts it.