Can an adopted father legally sign back over the rights to his children?

Answer Answer Yes, the court will not order child support as they are not his biological children. The court may request family members (including the adoptive parent)to attend counseling to aid the child... Read More »

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Can a father simply sign over his parental rights in Ontario Canada or must the child be adopted by another man in the biological mother's life?

Answer You can sign over the rights to your child to the mother herself. Before you do this realize what you are doing. Your child needs to know who their father is. You may not feel this is im... Read More »

If you sign over your parental rights to an adopted parent do you still have to pay back child support?

Does the birth father have to sign over his rights for my new husband to adopt my children?

I think that if you don't want to live with your mom you should have a good reason, i mean you're 17 already, you are almost an adult you should already know whats good and bad for you. If you are ... Read More »

In the state of Florida can a father sign over rights i got a woman pregnant and want nothing to do with it and she knows that i would like to sign over any parental rights..can i do that?

grow up and be a man first of all u need grow up n b a man an raise ur child. an the answer is no.