Can an acer aspire m3100 be upgraded to firewire?

Answer The Acer Aspire M3100 Desktop can not have be upgraded to FireWire. FireWire is a connection system developed by Apple and Texas Instruments. While FireWire has faster data transfer rates, USB is o... Read More »

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Can the battery in an Acer Aspire be upgraded?

According to Acer, the Aspire line of laptops uses a standard removable six-cell battery that can be upgraded or replaced to increase power. The batteries also feature a PowerSmart feature to furth... Read More »

Can the processor be upgraded on an Acer Aspire One?

You cannot upgrade the processor in an Acer Aspire One. The Intel Atom processor in the Aspire One is a permanent part of the computer's logic board and cannot be removed.References:Acer: Upgrade t... Read More »

Can the graphics card on the Acer Aspire X1 AX1470-320F be upgraded?

no the power supply is too has a 220 watt power supply you need a quality 300 for a bad graphics card,or a quality 500+ for a good graphics card.

How to Get to Acer Restore on Acer Aspire One Notebook?

Acer eRecovery Management is a backup and recovery software included with Windows that can restore an Acer computer's original applications, drivers and operating system. If you can't boot to the O... Read More »