Can an SD card slot read SDHC cards?

Answer Likely no, especially if the computer is 2008 or older. But it's not really a problem. Very good sdhc USB portable card readers (which can read both SD and SDHC) can be purchased on Amazon for un... Read More »

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Will a 5-in-1 card reader read SDHC cards?

Unless the 5-in-1 card reader specifically indicates that one of the five supported card types is SDHC, you should not expect the card reader to support SDHC. SDHC, short for Secure Digital High Qu... Read More »

SDHC card in a HP printer SD slot. Will this work?

Afraid not, sir. SDHC cards are Secure Digital High Capacity cards, whereas the SD slot on your All-in-One Printer is a standard SD (Secure Digital) slot. This means that it won't be able to read... Read More »

Does the Dell memory card slot work for SDHC?

SDHC memory cards work in standard SD slots with a firmware upgrade. Dell computers have a memory card slot that accepts standard SD memory cards. Dell has also released a firmware update, and its ... Read More »

Do Dell XPS 420 computers read SDHC cards?

Dell XPS 420 desktop computers include an 15-in-1 memory card reader. The card reader is capable of reading SDHC cards as well as miniSDHC cards. Other formats the card reader can read include Comp... Read More »