Can an SD card be used for data storage?

Answer Yes, an SD (secure digital) card is a flash-memory-card format that can be used for data storage. SD cards can store digital data created and used by digital cameras, computers, cell phones, printe... Read More »

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How to use an iPhone SIM wih unlimited data plan included in a Sierra Wireless AirCard 875 or any other GSM data card?

Blue ray DVD for data storage?

What is online and offline storage of data?

Online data storage refers to information that is moved from one source or location to another over a broadband or other data cable. Off-line data storage refers to copying and storing data to tape... Read More »

What Is Online & Off-Line Storage of Data?

Computer data can be stored in two ways: online, which saves information on the Internet, and off-line, which transfers the information to external media devices that are separate from the server.