Can an S corporation buy a home?

Answer An S corporation is a means for individuals to operate as a corporation without being double taxed as both the corporation and individual. A home can be purchased using income and credit references... Read More »

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How Does Home Foreclosure Affect an S Corporation?

The process of a home foreclosure with an S Corporation owner mirrors the process that an individual owner would face, and the effects are comparable. While the loss of the home may not affect the ... Read More »

Home Owners Association becoming a corporation?

Depending on the current legal status of the association, becoming a corporation requires a legal step in the state where the association does business.Your attorney can help you understand the par... Read More »

When is a corporation required to register as a foreign corporation doing business in a state?

A corporation is required to register as a foreign corporation doing business in a state when it is actively conducting business in any state other than the state that it was originally registered ... Read More »

What is the difference between a public corporation and a private corporation?

Public and private corporations are common types of business entities used in the United States and Europe. They share many of the same features, benefits and disadvantages, with a few key exceptio... Read More »