Can an NB-4L battery be used on a camera that uses an NB-6L?

Answer about 256 depending on other settings like size.

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Will a universal ac adapter that says it is 1.5-12v up to 300ma be used to charge a portable DVD player that uses a 9 v1.5 a battery?

Which is better, Camera with own rechargeable battery or camera that needs AA batteries?

Depends upon the camera. For an SLR, a lithium-ion dedicated rechargeable is preferable because of how much energy is stored.However, for a point and shoot which is used irregularly, rechargeable ... Read More »

What's the diffences between digital cameras that uses AA batteries and its own battery packs?

Battery packs are more effective over time (while AA rechargeable batteries maximum capacity starts decreasing after a few recharging cycles). Also the recharging units work faster (while in the AA... Read More »

I am looking for a SMALL camera that uses AA batteries.....which is best?

Buy a Canon, any of their A series camera take AA batteries.Their newest model is the A540...I have a A510 and it's still going strong...