Can an LLC become a C corporation years later?

Answer A limited liability company (LLC) has become the most popular way for companies to operate because it limits owners' liability. However, if you decide later to expand your business and add sharehol... Read More »

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Can a juvinile of 15 years of age who committes a crime be prosacuted for that crime 20 years later when a aldult in british law?

Answer no, there's a 7 year limit, (except for murder), it's called the statute of limitations.

How do I Change Divorce Stipulations Years Later?

It is generally difficult to modify the original divorce stipulations years later. While you can file a petition for modification, your chances are slim unless you can justify the request with a le... Read More »

For how many years can the IRS audit a corporation?

In most cases, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has up to three years after the date of filing to audit a corporation or individual. If the IRS has evidence that the corporation committed fraud t... Read More »

A question about breastfeeding into the later years.?

The only child I have ever known to have a "boob fetish" was bottle fed. He did it because he liked the reaction he got and his parents thought it was funny and would not correct the behavior. I ha... Read More »