Can an Ipad 2 case fit on an HP touchpad?

Answer If it's a Bluetooth wireless keyboard then you have to go to Settings, General, Bluetooth, turn Bluetooth on and search for devices. It should come up with your keyboard name, then click pair .

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Will a rubber case and a smart case for ipad 2 fit onto the ipad 2 at the same time?

What is better iPad 2 or hp touchpad?

What is the best case for iPad 2?

Some people think that the iPad Smart Cover is the best case for the iPad but, in my opinion, I like the more durable cases like the Otterbox Defender cases.

Can you put an iPad case on my iPad 2?

Yes, kind of. The iPad2 includes cameras in the front and back, the original iPad case didn't have slots for the cameras. If you need to take photos or videos you will have to pull it out of the ca... Read More »