Can an ISP log Internet activity?

Answer An Internet Service Provider can log Internet activity. In practice, they rarely do because there is little to be gained from it. The FBI has been attempting to institute laws requiring ISPs to ret... Read More »

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Although a person uses the internet to commit criminal or illegal activity over the internet?

How to Clear Internet Activity?

Internet browsers are essential to allow users to surf the Internet for any reason. Modern browsers include many features, including a history of the user's activity. While some users find it conve... Read More »

How to Monitor User Internet Activity?

People monitor Internet usage for two main reasons: keeping tabs on a child or loved one, and making sure employees do not waste too much time. By knowing the sites users visit, you keep control of... Read More »

How to Track WiFi Internet Activity?

Wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) is an effective and easy method of connecting to the Internet. Windows XP, Vista and 7 allow you to track the status and activity of the wireless networks in your vicinity... Read More »