Can an IRS refund be deposited to two separate accounts?

Answer You can have the IRS deposit your federal tax refund into two separate checking or savings accounts. The maximum number of accounts you can have your refund deposited into is three, as of May 2010.... Read More »

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Can an IRS refund be deposited to two separate accounts in Pennsylvania?

The IRS allows deposit of refunds totaling more than $1 to go to multiple accounts in all states, including Pennsylvania. According to the IRS, you should file Form 8888 to request your refund be s... Read More »

Tax refund deposited into SBBT today.?

I called Walmart Moneycard yesterday and they INCREASE the limit to 10,000 now. :)

Tax Refund Status - Deposited January 23, 2009 Anyone else?

Mine still said "you should receive it by Feb. 3rd" last night. I checked this morning and it says that same thing as you. My bank also processes deposits the same day so I am a bit confused. I'm c... Read More »

How to Divorce With Separate Bank Accounts?

One of the main causes of divorce disputes is the divorcing couple's individual and joint finances. While mediation and court hearings will determine a financial resolution to the divorce, there ar... Read More »