Can an IRA go into a trust account?

Answer According to the Wall Street Journal, IRA funds can be transferred to a trust, but they will be immediately subject to taxation. Alternatively, a trust can be named as a willed beneficiary of an IR... Read More »

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What is a Personal Trust Account?

A personal trust account is a type of bank account designed to hold assets that are deposited for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries. The trust is established through a trust agreement.Source... Read More »

What is a living trust account?

A living trust account is a bank account, stock brokerage account or other similar type of financial account that has been created by the trustee of a living trust to hold its money. In everyday li... Read More »

Does ING Bank have a trust account?

ING Bank offers trust accounts through its ING National Trust. It is chartered by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. The trust division provides a number of services, including charitab... Read More »

What is a trust bank account?

A trust bank account is a checking, saving or other type of bank account that a trustee opens on behalf of a trust. The trust bank account might hold trust property or it might be an administrative... Read More »