Can an Herb garden be used for a school project?

Answer Depends on the specifications of the teacher.

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Would like some to start an herb garden?

Plan your garden before planting it. Consider the herbs you want to plant and what you'll use them for. Herbs grow in various ways; some herbs, such as thyme, are low growing and spreading while ot... Read More »

What is the best soil mix for a herb garden?

Herbs mainly grow in the meditterainian on poor quality,free draining soils in hot conditions.Add sharp sand to compost or soil to improve drainage.Best mix one part compost 2 parts soil and 2 par... Read More »

Arrangement for an Herb Garden?

A little planning goes a long way in designing a simple herb garden arrangement to achieve practical and productive results. Wherever you decide to put an herb garden--in a kitchen window or in the... Read More »

What is a Healing Herb Garden?

A healing herb garden provides stress relief and relaxation through sensory stimulation or by providing herbs for use in medicinal teas, tinctures and external compresses. You can organize herbs in... Read More »