Can an HSA be rolled into an IRA?

Answer According to the United States Department of the Treasury, you can only roll an HSA (health savings account) over into a different HSA. You cannot roll it over into an IRA (individual retirement ac... Read More »

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How do you flatten out a rug which has been rolled up for a while....?

Roll it up the other way and tie it up at both ends. Spread it out flat on the floor. Put pieces of furniture at the four corners to hold it down. You may have to put extra pieces if it is a long r... Read More »

How to Do a Rolled Braid?

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I rolled my foot. Help?

Well, assuming this isn't a serious ankle injury - If you keep regularly icing it, I would give it 2-3 days :) If the swelling doesnt go down - Try go out and find an ankle support to aid in keepin... Read More »

Can an IRA be rolled over to a 401k?

Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) can be rolled over into a 401k plan as long as the specific 401k accepts those rollovers. Some 401k plans choose not to accept IRA rollover funds.References:IR... Read More »