Can an HP C6180 printer run with only a black cartridge?

Answer HP C6180 printers cannot run with only a black ink cartridge. Running this printer without a color cartridge can cause damage. It can print in black only, but requires a color cartridge to be insta... Read More »

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Can my 4/1 HP Printer, C3100 series run with both cartridges installed but only the black ink cartridge full?

No.t can't be doneWITH MOST PRINTERS, you are required to have ink in both the black and color ink cartridges in order to print in black as they work in conjunction with each other. So you will nee... Read More »

What number black cartridge do I use for a Lexmark P4350 printer (Lexmark cartridge only)?

Why is the "black cartridge only" setting on my HP printer now printing green?

Yes, most likely the printer is still using the other colors to create the black print even though you've selected for it not to. Your black ink cartridge is not defective to cause it to print gree... Read More »

Can an HP 3550 DeskJet printer print with only one cartridge?

An HP 3550 DeskJet printer can print with only one cartridge. If the color cartridge is the only cartridge in the DeskJet printer, color documents can only be printed. If the black cartridge is i... Read More »