Can an HP 901 cartridge be refilled?

Answer The HP 901 black ink cartridge and the HP 901 color ink cartridges can be refilled using a refill kit with one bottle of each color and one syringe for each color.Source:Refill Instructions: HP 901... Read More »

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Can an HP 94 ink cartridge be refilled?

The HP 94 ink cartridge can be refilled. The black ink cartridge takes about 15 minutes to refill using a refill kit with a syringe and a bottle of black ink, which comes in the kit.Source:Refill I... Read More »

Can a HP 56 ink cartridge be refilled?

You can refill the HP 56 ink cartridge, part number C6656, with an ink refill kit found at your local retail store, or online from an ink refill kit supplier.References:Refill Instructions: HP Cart... Read More »

Can a Lexmark ink cartridge be refilled?

Most ink cartridges can be refilled, and Lexmark cartridges are no exception. According to Printer Country, however, there are different methods for refilling the Lexmark color cartridges and black... Read More »

Can a lexmark 34a&35a's cartridge be refilled?

The Lexmark 34 and 35 ink cartridges can be refilled. You can either take them to a local establishment, such as a drugstore or photo shop, or order refill kits online and do it yourself.Source:Ink... Read More »