Can an Eye Toy camera be used as a Web cam?

Answer Yes Yes you can! and best of all their all FREE! Though as previous posters have said, you'll need 3rd party drivers but it does work!

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Can digital camera used as web camera?

If it has the compatibility of being used as a "Capture Cam" then, yes.

Can my camera be used as a web cam?

You may be able to use it as a mic, but i'm sure that you can not use it as a web cam. The only way you can use something as a web cam is actually getting a webcam xD and good webcams can range fro... Read More »

How do you used a camera?

You use a camera by pushing the big button on the top to take a picture, and look at the manual for your specific camera.

How are camera shots used?

Camera shots, photos, are of people, places, and things. People can include family, strangers and celebrities. Places can include vacation spots and the home. Things can include art work, cars, pla... Read More »