Can an Exhaust System be Clamped Together?

Answer Motor vehicle exhaust systems are all either welded or clamped into place. Each has its benefits and drawbacks; some parts will require one or the other.

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How to Clamp Exhaust Pipes Together?

The exhaust system of your vehicle directs exhaust fumes from the engine away from the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Exhaust clamps not only hold the exhaust pipe together, but also ensure ... Read More »

Do an Aftermarket Exhaust, Chip and an Intake Work Together?

An engine is a system of parts that all work together. Aftermarket performance parts usually complement one another for increased engine performance.

DIY Car Exhaust System?

Though full exhaust kits exist for most popular applications today, there remains a contingent of people who would rather do it themselves. Reasons for doing so include unavailability of pre-made ... Read More »

How an Exhaust System Works?

Your car's exhaust system is designed to carry away gases created when air and fuel are burned in the engine. The exhaust system is vital to your car and can cause problems if not functioning prope... Read More »