Can an Executor of a Will Be Responsible for the Deceased's Taxes?

Answer Not only can an executor of a will be responsible for filing a deceased taxpayer's income taxes, he may also be responsible for paying any tax owed. The important thing to remember is that an execu... Read More »

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Is a spouse responsible for unpaid income taxes?

Usually both parties are responsible for tax debts during the marriage. A spouse might not be responsible for taxes owed before the marriage.

Who is responsible for creating income taxes in the United States?

Rather than any individual being singularly responsible, a variety of factors and decisions took place over the course of years that created the system responsible for income tax today. Beginning w... Read More »

How to Be an Executor?

An executor of a will is the person tasked to handle a deceased person's final wishes, whether it be financial distribution or property transfers. The executor is also in charge of funeral arrangem... Read More »

DIY Executor of Will?

While larger and more complicated estate matters are often handled by a professional, many times a person trusted by the family or appointed by the court is named as executor to administer the will... Read More »