Can an Ex-Husband Change a Court Order Without My Consent?

Answer Court orders are legal mandates made by a judge and enforced through police action, if needed. Members of the public may petition these orders to be changed or rescinded, but only judges can grant ... Read More »

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Can a mother give consent for her child to have a sex change without the father's consent?

Can your husband adopt your son without the bio father's consent when your husband has provided for him since he was 3- he is 15- and the bio father left at 3 months preg and is not on the birth cert?

I dont have much info on this but I certainly can recommend you someone who can most definitely help you out on this. Osbornes at 020 7485 8811 ... Read More »

Is it legal for police officers to lie in order question children without parent consent?

YAAAANew AnswerIt is legal for poplice to question you at school with a School Official present. The school may call your parents to let them know thatit happened.Out in the general public I believ... Read More »

How can a court order be obtained without an attorney?

No, it is not required that an attorney be involved, sometimes it just makes the process go smoother and without pitfalls to you. You can appear "pro se" and submit a motion to the Clerk of the Cou... Read More »