Can an Establishment Hold a Bartender's Credit Card Tips for Two Weeks?

Answer Employers in most states may choose to apply a tip credit to establish the hourly cash wages of a bartender or server. The sum of the actual cash wages and the tips the employee receives must equal... Read More »

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What is a hold authorization on a credit card?

Hold authorization, or authorization hold, is the financial industry practice of authorizing credit card electronic transactions and marking that balance as unavailable. Later, the merchant clears ... Read More »

How to File a Report Against a Credit Card Authorization Hold?

Often, large purchase transactions paid for by credit card, including hotel bookings, gasoline purchases and car rentals, require pre-authorization. Pre-authorization is simply a way to guarantee a... Read More »

How much of a deposit does Hertz hold on my credit card to rent a car?

Hertz is a rental car company with quite a few locations across the United States. As of 2010, expect to pay a $200 refundable deposit in addition to the rental cost when you rent a car from the co... Read More »

Tips on Applying for a Credit Card?

Credit cards are important facets of some people's financial lives. They enable people to make major purchases and pay them back at a more convenient time, and they often are used when renting an a... Read More »