Can an American open a Canadian bank account?

Answer Yes, an American can open a Canadian bank account provided that he meets the requirements set by the individual bank. At minimum she will be asked to provide two forms of identification, and a docu... Read More »

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Can a U.S. citizen open a Canadian bank deposit account?

Generally, U.S. citizens may open deposit accounts at Canadian banks; however, banks reserve the right to set their own policies and may not permit non-Canadians to open accounts. When banks do per... Read More »

If My Bank Account Is Closed by the Bank, Does It Mean I Can't Open Another Account?

Banks close accounts for a variety of reasons, and depending on the reason your bank closed your account, you may find it difficult to open a new account at the same bank or even at another institu... Read More »

How to Get a Canadian Bank Account?

Canadian bank accounts offer a convenient and safe way to manage your money. You may open a Canadian bank account despite having declared bankruptcy and neither residing in nor being a citizen of C... Read More »

Can you open a bank account if you have bad bank history?

Most banks report to a reporting agency called Chex Systems. This organization acts much like the three major credit bureaus, except that its primary purpose is to monitor banking account history. ... Read More »