Can an American get dual citizenship in Canada?

Answer A United States citizen can also be a citizen of Canada under certain circumstances. For instance, a person born in Canada to American citizens can claim both Canadian and US citizenship, as can a ... Read More »

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How to Have Dual Citizenship in the US & Canada?

Dual citizenship allows you to be a citizen of 2 countries at the same time. You can become a dual citizen through different ways and for different countries. Try 1 of these methods to have dual ci... Read More »

Canada Dual Citizenship Requirements?

Canadian laws allow its citizens to have a foreign citizenship without losing their Canadian citizenship. If you have immigrated to Canada and became a Canadian citizen or your spouse, parents or g... Read More »

Does Canada recognize dual citizenship?

When a person has dual citizenship, she is a citizen of two countries simultaneously. In Canada, citizens are welcome to receive citizenship from another country and retain their Canadian citizensh... Read More »

Can people have dual citizenship with Canada and the United States?

A person can have dual citizenship in the United States and Canada. The person would have to be born in the United States and then acquire Canadian citizenship. When you become a citizen in the Uni... Read More »