Can an 8 month old drink whole milk?

Answer It is suggested not to give a baby cows milk until 12 months. Milk is hard for the baby's body to digest.

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Can an eight month old baby drink whole milk?

On One Hand: Milk is too difficult to digest at eight monthsKidsHealth recommends waiting until your baby has reached 12 months of age before introducing whole milk. Before then, the baby's digesti... Read More »

Can you give a seven-month-old baby whole milk?

A 7-month-old should drink only breast milk or formula. A baby's digestive system cannot digest cow's milk proteins and may have an allergic reaction. Milk contains nutrients that can be hard on a ... Read More »

Can you freeze whole milk to drink later?

Freezing whole milk can change the texture and appearance of the milk, but it can be frozen anywhere from three weeks to three months. Be advised that freezing milk will cause the milk to expand b... Read More »

How do I teach a baby to drink whole milk?

Mix the milk with formula or breast milk, gradually changing the ratios, until the baby is accustomed to the taste of the whole milk. Start with 75 percent formula and 25 percent whole milk. After ... Read More »