Can an 11yr old get pregnant by a 17yr old?

Answer there have been many such instances when a young girl is impregnanted. usu mentruation starts at the age of 13-14. But in some case it can start earlier. hence pregnancy is possible.there have been... Read More »

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What is the average weight for an 11yr old?

Does she look fat????If not it is just muscle. Her doctor can tell too, that is a little bigger though. I am 100 and 14 and 4 10. But I'm skinny.

Runescape Should I stop my 11yr old playing it?

I don't think the game itself is harmful, but I think your son is becoming adicted, fast. I think you should stop him playing it and tell him it's because of his behaviour - then when you let him b... Read More »

How do I make my 11yr old diabetic realize...?

The problem may be diabetes "burn out". At 11 years old, she may not want to have the responsibility of having to be her pancreas, she may just want to be "normal". It is part of growing up. Howeve... Read More »

How much can a 17yr old expect to pay liability insurance for a 02' suzuki sv650?