Can an 11 year old sit in the front seat of acar?

Answer Cars safety rules say 12+ but I was sitting in the front when i was 10

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Can your 3 year old daughter sit in the front seat of the car in her car seat?

no ma'am ___ No, it is unsafe and illegal. You can, and will, get a ticket if you are caught doing so.

If my 4 year old is travelling in the front(in a front facing car seat) do I deactivate the air bags or not?

Yes, it should be deactivated. But that doesn't make it ok. He belongs in the back seat, it is infinitely safer in the backseat. Just look at your car seat instructions, it is very specific about n... Read More »

Can you sit a 2 year old in a car seat in the front seat?

In which country are you in?If you are in America or Singapore, I doubt it...For that baby's own safety, don't ever dare to sit that baby by itself in the front seat!I'm sorry if I'm a bit rude but... Read More »

Can a 12 year old sit in the front seat?

Usually it is suggested that a child should be 13 to sit in the front seat but really it depends on the kind of car, if or if not the car has air bags, and the judgment of the parent. Experts on th... Read More »