Can an 11 year old child stay alone through the day in Tennessee?

Answer well if he s young then Lego and stuffed animals, but if he is like 13+ vedio games but don't put a tv or computer in their room or they will play non stop but if you do password

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How old should a child be before they stay alone for 10-12 hours by themselves in Tennessee?

How to Get Your Two Year Old Child to Stay in Bed?

The transition between baby and child is difficult for all parents. Removing the crib is one of the hardest decisions many parents must make. Suddenly, there is nothing to hold your child in bed. H... Read More »

What happens to the child of a 16-year-old pregnant girl while she is in state custody at a juvenile facility in Tennessee?

Answer Her parents can usually take the child in or grandparents. Child Welfare is usually not far away and has the right to decide what is a fitting home for the child. If the mother's parents o... Read More »

In Tennessee can a 16-year-old choose to go back and live with a parent that has a past history of proven drug usage and where the child was delinquent from school to the point of failing?

Answer Here's the code for CA - Tenessee is probably similar. What are the best interests of the child?3042. (a) If a child is of sufficient age and capacity to reason soas to form an intelligent... Read More »