Can an 11 year old become a babysitter?

Answer I child should be 12 years old before becoming a babysitter. Check with your local police department to find out how your child can enroll in a class to be certified.

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What should you do if your ex-wife has left your two 7 year old girls with a 11 year old boy as their babysitter?

I would call the police and the state child welfare agency.AnswerSpeak to your ex-wife directly and figure out the reason behind this decision. Is the 11-year old mature, responsible? Find out whay... Read More »

Where can a 11 year old girl be a babysitter?

No, pedophilia is when you begin taking a sexual interest in a child.

How can I entertain a (almost) three year old boy all summer as a babysitter?

Crafts…Make-Believe GamesPirates, Chefs, anything you can imagine! Pretend your pirates sailing in the deep oceans of Alantis or your a secret agent. The p... Read More »

How to Be the Best Babysitter?

Congratulations, you decided to be a baby sitter! This is the "How to be the best baby sitter." When your baby sitting you want to be a fun yet responsible person and you want to have fun too. This... Read More »