Can amphibians fly?

Answer They cannot. There is a species that glides throught the air.Zaragotha (Zara)

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Do amphibians have lungs?

At birth, amphibians do not possess lungs. They don't grow lungs until adulthood. Still, even as adults, amphibians breathe by absorbing oxygen into their skin. The oxygen then goes directly into t... Read More »

Do amphibians have a skeleton?

Amphibians do possess a skeletal system. The skeleton of an amphibian is made up of bones. The skeletal system of the amphibian contains a backbone, a skull, a set of ribs and its extremities, whic... Read More »

Are earthworms amphibians?

Although earthworms share the cold-blooded trait with members of the amphibian class, earthworms are not amphibians. Earthworms belong to the class Oligochaeti (Latin for "few hairs"). Members of t... Read More »

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Limestone salamanderAmphibians are cold-blooded vertebrates that, for the most part, spend a part of their life living under water (the larval stage) and another part of their life living on the la... Read More »