Can amphetamines increase stroke risk?

Answer On One Hand: Amphetamine Usage Can Cause StrokeAmphetamine abusers were five times more likely to suffer from hemorrhagic strokes than those who did not use the drug, according to Read More »

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Who is at risk of stroke?

A stroke, sometimes known as a brain attack for its similarities with heart attacks, occurs when part of the brain does not get enough blood flow. Several groups of people are at an increased risk ... Read More »

How Do I Lower My Risk for Stroke?

A stroke is a serious condition in which one of the arteries that supplies blood to the brain is blocked or an artery within the brain ruptures. Strokes can result in death, paralysis, weakness, sp... Read More »

If your cholesterol is lower than 200, can you still be at risk for a heart attack or stroke etc?

The answer is a definite yes. In the problems you mentioned, in Medicine ,there is ,what we call High Risk Factors. High Cholesterol,Diabetes,Smoking, High Blood Pressure, Positive Family History a... Read More »

Considering getting earrings, but I don't know much about them. Also does it increase your risk of cancer?

You just get them pierced in the center of the ear lobe. There's a little pinch of pain as it's done and some soreness afterwards, but there isn't much pain. You need to keep the original pair of... Read More »